The Russell Family
An historical and photographic perspective

Crew of the Falls of Halladale, San Francisco, California, c 1901
Captain William Fordyce (back row, in bowler hat)
Robert Russell, front row, middle (?)
Photo courtesy Bill Cockburn, Grandson of Captain William Fordyce
Photographer T.H. Wilton, 838 Market St., San Francisco

Robert Russell, Jr. joined the crew of the Falls of Halladale (a 275 foot, four-masted barque) as an "Able Seaman" (AB) on October 4, 1901, sailing from Portland, Oregon via San Francisco and Valparaiso, Chile and around Cape Horn, to Grimsby, England (arriving April 9, 1902). This was the last leg of a two year around-the-world journey for the Falls of Halladale with William Fordyce as Captain. After this voyage, Captain Fordyce retired and was replaced by Captain Thomson. Captain Thomson ran the Falls of Halladale aground on the coast of Australia in 1908.

Falls of Halladale
Falls of Halladale

Lloyd's Register 1887-88, Falls of Halladale
British Registered Sailing Vessels, 1899, Falls of Halladale

Read about the two year around-the-world journey made by the Falls of Halladale 1901-1902 in Sea Breezes, Dec, 1998.
a letter from Captain Thomson to friends in New Zealand regarding the trip to San Francisco in 1904.
Read about the Wreck of Falls of Halladale from the Evening Post, Rorahi, New Zealand

Historical Documents of Captain Robert Russell

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