The Russell Family
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SS Gloamin

"This picture of the Gloamin' was painted by F. Corpuz in Antwerp in 1910 for Capt Robert Russell, who was the first mate of the Gloamin' out of Dundee Scotland. The Gloamin' made short commercial hauls between Scotland and the continent. Capt Russell had just received his Captain's license when he sailed on the Gloamin'. Someone (Daddy?) told me that the Capt was having breakfast in a cafe in Antwerp and drew pictures on the napkin to get bacon and eggs for breakfast. Mr. Corpuz approached him and offered to paint the Gloamin' for him." - Glenda Waugh

The S.S. Gloamin arrived in Antwerp on Jan 16, 1910, after visiting ports of call in Sudan, India, Somalia, Egypt, France, Ukraine, and Russia. Robert Russell was working as 2nd Mate on all of these voyages.



Certificates or Indorsements made by Consuls or by Officers in British Possessions Abroad

March 31, 1908 Sunderland, England
April 9 Middlesbrough, England
May 1-25 Suakin, Sudan
June 4-16 Bombay, India
July 22-29 Middlesbrough, England
Oct 12-29 Calcutta, India
Nov 8-19 Mormugao, India
Dec 23-29 Antwerp, Belgium
Jan 11, 1909 Cardiff, Wales
Feb 14 Djibouti, Somalia
Feb 22 Bombay, India
April 9 Cardiff, Wales
April 10 Barrow-in-Furness, England
April 28 Cardiff, Wales
May 13-24 Alexandria, Egypt
June 18-26 Cocanada, India
July 27-30 Marseilles, France
Aug 11-30 Mariupol, Ukraine
Sept 2-17 Novorossiysk, Russia
Oct 18-Nov 13 Maputo, Mozambique
Dec 3-14 Mormugao, India
Jan 16-22, 1910 Antwerp, Belgium
Jan 28 South Shields, England




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