Evan's Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia
Evan at the Sachsayhuaman ruins in Cusco
© Jeff Waugh
Evan at

Cuzco & The Guinea Pig

I really liked Cusco, mate de coca, cuy
and the really BIG stones



Cuzco was the capital of the Incan Empire and there are still many Incan walls throughout the city. The rocks of the walls at Sachsayhuaman are really big! 

When we first arrived at the hotel in Cuzco, they brought us mate de coca. It is supposed to help with altitude sickness. The second day I had a bit of a headache from the altitude and mate de coca helped. 

Enjoying a cup of mate de coca!
© Jeff Waugh
"Mate de Coca"

We went to a restaurant to try some cuy or guinea pig. They cooked the guinea pig in an earthen oven for about twenty minutes. We watched Pokémon in Spanish while we were waiting. I also drank some Inca Cola.

The guinea pig roasting in the earthen oven
© Evan
Cuy baking in the oven

The cuy tasted really good especially the crispy skin. Its head was still on and I could see its teeth! The guinea pig was served with potatoes and some vegetables wrapped in pastry. Mmmm good!  Evan getting ready to enjoy his guinea pig lunch!
© Jeff Waugh
Eating the "Cuy" or Guinea pig
On the streets of Cuzco there are a lot of old Incan walls. Many of the people still wear the clothes of the Incan people. The people in Cuzco were very friendly.  A friendly family alongside old Incan walls in Cusco
© Jeff Waugh
Cuzco Family

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School Notes...
Cuzco was the capital and spiritual and ceremonial center of the Incan Empire. In 1533, Hernando Pizarro and his band of Spanish Conquistadores entered Cusco. One of his historians described the Temple of the Sun, "There was a garden in which the earth was lumps of fine gold, and it was cunningly planted with stalks of corn that were of gold-stalk, leaves, and ears. Aside from this, there were more than 20 llamas of gold with their young, and the shepherds who guarded them, with their slings and staffs, all of this metal. There were many tubs of gold and silver and emeralds, and goblets, pots and every kind of vessel of fine gold." Never had any of them seen anything like it anywhere in the world.