Evan's Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia
Evan in the Atacama Desert
Jeff Waugh
Evan in the Atacama Desert

Nazca & Paracas

There were millions of sea birds
on the Ballestas Islands

We went for a drive in the Atacama Desert and there were lots of sand dunes. The wind was really strong and I could lean into it and it would support me. Then we stopped at a restaurant and had lunch. I had fresh fish caught from the bay and even ate the eyeballs! Then we went out on the beach and collected clam shells.   The boat
Jeff Waugh
The Bay of Paracas
We stopped at cliff above the beach. I ran all the way down the trail right to the beach. We looked at some fossils and then we went into a cave and hopped from boulder to boulder to keep out of the water. When we went out of the cave I took some kelp and threw it into the water. Then we saw a paraglider gliding over the cliffs along the beach. Paragliding in Paracas
Jeff Waugh
Paracas Paragliding
On the boat ride out to the Ballestas Islands we saw the Candelabra of Paracas. No one really knows who made this design in the sand. Some people think that pirates made it to mark the entrance to the Bay of Paracas. Others say it was made by an ancient people.  The Candelabra
Jeff Waugh
The Candelabra of Paracas
Out on the boat ride we saw lots of sea lions, Peruvian Boobies, Pelicans and Cormorants. There is lots of fish for them in the cold water around the islands. There are so many boobies that they mine the guano (or bird poop) for fertilizer. In one bay there were tons of sea lions and we could hear them barking. Sea Lions
Jeff Waugh
Sea Lions in the Islas Ballestas
After we left Paracas we drove across the desert to the oasis of Ica. The hotel that we stayed at was beautiful. All of the buildings were white, there was a stream and pond with huge goldfish, and the swimming pool had a water slide. That was the first water slide my Dad had ever been on!  Hotel Las Dunas, Ica, Peru
Jeff Waugh
Hotel Las Dunas, Ica
Later we went down to the fish pond near the bridge. I got down and starting feeding them some bread. My Dad warned me not to get too close in case I slipped in but I have good balance so I was sure that I would not fall in. It was really neat to see how big they were. I leaned over to give a big one some bread and I fell in! I scared all of the fish away and when I came out I was soaking wet. Giant Gold Fish
Jeff Waugh
Feeding the Goldfish
We went for a ride in a small plane over the Lines of Nazca. There are giant designs of all kinds of animals that you can only see from the air. I like the monkey design and the bird one seen at the bottom of this page. Lines of Nazca
Jeff Waugh
Lines of Nazca
In Ica, we went to the local museum. They had mummies and all kinds of old tools and weapons. It was really neat how the mummies were preserved.  The Mummy
Jeff Waugh
The Mummy of Ica


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School Notes...
The Paracas National Reserve is a coastal wildlife sanctuary located 139 miles(250 kilometers) south of Lima (the capital of Peru. The reserve includes portions of the Bay of Paracas, Ballestas Islands and archaeological sites along the coast. The Ballestas Islands are considered to be Peru's Galapagos for the abundance of seabirds and marine mammals.

The Nazca Lines are 256 miles(460 kilometers) south of Lima. They are an enormous array of lines and geometric figures extending for thousands of square miles over the desert plain. The lines were made by removing the shallow covering of dark volcanic rock from the surface to expose the yellow sand beneath.

Bird design at Nazca