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My first fish!
Jeff Waugh
Evan's smile...

Piranha Fishing

When I went fishing I caught my first fish,
my second fish and third fish!!!
They were all piranhas.

Catching my first fish ever was so much fun!!! I used a stick, fishing line, a small hook and some chicken for bait. When you feel them bite just pull the line up quickly. That's how I caught my first three fish. They had really sharp teeth and our guide held it to show me the teeth. They also have spines on their backs that can hurt you so be careful...

Jeff Waugh
Piranha's smile...

I caught a few more piranhas but I didn't pull them in. I hooked a really big piranha but it got away!

The Big One...

We also went out on the river in the canoe to fish for catfish. Chumpi (our Achuar guide) caught a big catfish. Our other guide said there are 200 pound catfish in the river! We saw some pink river dolphins in the river where we were fishing. There were three or four and one baby swimming there. It was cool seeing them again. 

I like to swing in the hammock...
Fishing is such hard work!

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School Notes...
Piranhas are only found naturally in South America. They are found in the Amazon, Orinoco, Guayana, San Francisco, Paraguay and Parana river drainages. The piranhas reputation as a dangerous carnivore is somewhat over exaggerated. Generally, they are considered to be omnivorous and feed on a variety of different types of food such as seeds, fruit, leaves, snails, insects, fish and meat. Piranhas usually leave people and other large mammals alone. They may be more dangerous to people in the dry season when there is less water in the rivers and less of their natural food. It is at times like these when food does appear that they may go into a "feeding frenzy". NEVER enter the water when there is a piranha "feeding frenzy" - you may lose some fingers or toes! 

Many of the indigenous people of South America (like the Achuar) use the piranha teeth to sharpen darts for their blow guns. They may also use the teeth in necklaces.