Evan's Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia
Evan discovers the Gate of the Sun!
© Jeff Waugh
Evan at the Gate of the Sun

Lake Titicaca
and the Island of the Sun

Birthplace of the Tiahuanacan
and Incan Civilizations - 
"An Amazing Discovery!"

We found it! We found it!
The Gate of the Sun! 

This is a really neat place that used to be on the shore of Lake Titicaca before the time of the Incas. The Incas learned a lot from these people and we are still learning a lot about them and how they lived. 

The Tiahuanacan Sun God on the Gate of the Sun
© Jeff Waugh
Tiahuanacan Sun God
They really knew a lot about astronomy, math,  agriculture and building with stone! We found the underground stone temple. The stone heads of different rulers are all around the walls. The acoustics were very good. There was a really good echo inside.  Evan in the semi-underground temple
© Jeff Waugh
The Underground Temple
We found some stone monoliths that we think are still guarding this place. This is an amazing discovery. 

Hopefully, we will be back soon!

One of the guardians of Tiahuanaco
© Jeff Waugh
Guardian of Tiahuanaco
Very early one morning we went on a big catamaran on Lake Titicaca. We went to the Island of the Sun. I saw some llamas, alpacas and vicuña. I tried some quinoa. It was great! We saw a man making a totora reed boat. It looks very, very hard. We saw a big reed boat on the lake! Reed boat builder on the Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca
© Jeff Waugh
Totora Reed Boat Builder
We went inside an underground museum. At first, it was very dark until they turned a light on in the Incan mummy's tomb. The mummy was wrapped up in totora reeds. It was pretty neat! We found an Incan mummy in an iunderground museum!
© Jeff Waugh
Incan Mummy
The shaman put some offerings into the fire and the fire flared-up! We saw many of the offerings in the "witches market" in La Paz. 

Then we went on a smaller catamaran to Copacabana and visited the Church that was built on top of an Incan ruin. We lit off some firecrackers! It was really fun!

When we got home, we learned that some archaeologists had discovered Incan ruins underwater near the Island of the Sun! WOW!

The shaman of the Island of the Sun
© Jeff Waugh

Evan and his father participated with the shaman in a special ceremony...


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School Notes...
At an elevation of almost 4,000 meters (over 12,000 feet), Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world. The Tiahuanacan civilization flourished over much of what later became the Incan Empire (Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Argentina). Formerly thought to have been largely a ceremonial site, the area has been revealed as a once-bustling metropolis, the capital of one of the greatest and most enduring of ancient empires. 

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