The Jardine Family
An historical and photographic perspective

Map of Applegarth Parish, 1804

"Ane list of all the persones in Applegirth paroch." 1684

APPLEGIRTH TOWNE. David Jarden and Jean Jarden, his wyfe; Robert Sander, servant; Thomas Jarden and Janet Henrison, his wyfe, and Jeane Smith, servant; Thomas Glencros and Mary Jarden, his wyfe; James Glencross, his son; Alexander Jarden and Janet Doby, his wyfe and Joseph Jarden, servant; John Sandert and Agnes Jarden, his wyfe; Archbald Sandert, Margrat Sandert and William M'Gay, servant; Androw Dobie and Janet Browne, his wyfe; William Sandert, servant; John Kennedy and Elisabeth Browne, his wyfe; WilliamSteell and Margaret Steell, his wyfe; William Moffat and Bessie Moffat, his daughter; and Janet Jarden, cottars.

THE MOOREHOUS. William Smith; Janet Sandert, sick; John Little; Christofer Little; Margaret Green; James Hennell; William Hennell; Agnes Sandert ther; David Johnston ther; Janet Hennell ther; Margaret Cowand ther, old; James Sandert ther; Mary Jardenther; William Sandert ther; Janet Litle ther; James Kennedy ther; Janet Sandert ther; Jeane Kennedy ther; Nicoll Browne; Janet Sharp ther; Marion Glencros ther, old; Alexander Sharp; Issobell Browne; William Kennedy ther; Janet Johnston; Thomas Bell; Bessie Munnell; Jeane Bell; James Glencross; Rosina Johnston; John Glencros; Grizell thomsone; Robert Sandert, old; William Sandert; John Sandert; Bessie Sandert; James Green; Jeane Bell; John Green; Maly Beck; Margaret Green

BROOMEHILLS. Thomas Scailes; Agnes Gray; John Ker; Gilbert Scailes; Jean Irving; John Scailes; James M'Gowne; Janet Jarden; Thomas Ker; Agnes Wright; John Ker; James Cowand; John Cowand; Janet Steell; David Harknes; Janet Scailes; Jeane Crighton.

BRIERYHILL. Mary Carruthers; John Harper; Robert Cowand; Jeane Ker; Helen Corsen; Bessie Irving; William Johnston; Bessie Sandert; Janet Glencros; Janet Cowand.

NETHERCLEUGH. John Portious; James Portious; Alexander Portious; Janet Carruthers; John Sandert; Jean Dinwoody; William Portious; Elisabeth Jarden; William Portious; Janet Jarden; Janet Portious; John Carruthers; Janet Burgesse; John Johnston; James Sandert; Marion Glencros; Agnes Green, old; William Bell; Janet Smith; Thomas Portious, Janet Graham, both sick; Janet Smith, elder.

CHIBKNOW. Humphray Jarden; Jeane Faris; Janet Jarden; William Jarden; Janet Murres.

DEALEHEAD. Robert Bell, elder and younger; John Bell; Janet Faris; Bessie Bell.

HALL. William Jarden; Jean Faris; James Jarden; Janet Jarden; Bessie Jarden, deafe.

HILLSYD. William Rogerson; Margaret linton.

KILL. John Linton; Bessie Stell, infirm; Janet Linton.

CLEUGHSYD. John Tinning, elder and younger; Blench Jarden.

OVERCLEUGH. John Jarden; Margaret Jarden; Robert Jarden; Bessie Wilson; Robert Massone; Margaret Linton.

MILNBANK. Andrew Johnston, ab; John Johnston, ab; Agnes Browne, Janet reed, Alexander Boyes, all ab.

MILNHILL. John Chalmbers; William Munnell; Margaret Portious; Steven Boyes; Mary Jarden; James Boyes; William Carruthers; Janet Grahame; William Johnston; James Bell, infirme; John Johnston; Janet Letimore.

MILLNHOLL. William Jarden; Jean Adamson; Thomas Jarden; Agnes Jarden; Nicoll Jarden; John Jarden; Elisabeth Carruthers.

LAMENBY. William Jarden; Jean Carruthers; Gavin Tinning; Jarden ther; Andrew Jarden; Jean Jarden; James Jarden. Margaret Mitchell; William Wilsone; Bessie Jarden; Janet M'Gill; David Wilsone; Janet Jarden; Jeane Martin; Jean Bell.

MILNEHOUSE. Alexander Jarden, elder; Bessie Kennedy; John Jarden; Alexander Jarden, younger; Janet Jarden; James Sandert; Janet Little; William Sandert; Margaret Sandert; Archibald Sandert; Issobell Thorburn; Bessie Ker.

HOLL. Walter Thorburn; John Thorburn; Janet thorburn; Thomas Jarden; Janet Jarden.

BARNES. John Jarden; Janet Smith; William Jarden; Mathew Richie; Agnes M'Vittie; John Ker; Mary Moffat.

NORTHHOLME. Robert Beck; Jeane Johnston; William Beck; James Beck; Maly Beck.

THORNICK. James Kirkpatrick; Janet Coupland; Thomas Linton; Agnes Kirkpatrick; Mary Kirkpatrick; William Jarden; John Jarden; Margaret Johnston.


The Laird of Apilgirth, minor; Mr James Scot of Bedeckholm; the Laird of Tinwall; Jon Brown of Cleughheads; James Scot of Bagrae; John Jardein of Gosegrein; John Gilespie of Newbiging."


CLEUGHHEADS. John Browne, Agnes Henrison, Mary Browne, Andrew Boyes, Jean Bell, servants; William Bell, ther; Janet Little, Francis Bell, George Bell, Margaret Browne, servant; James Cowandther; Bessie Bell; John Bell, old; Andrew Boyes ther; Mary Fareis; Jean Browne, sick; Janet Boyes; Janet Smith.

GACKABURREN. John Jarden; Jean Faris; James Faris [sic]; James and John Jardens, his sones; Isobell Little; Isobell Carruthers; William Cowand.

SIBELLBIESYD. George Johnston; Agnes Little; Janet Johnston; James Bell and Janet Moffat, servants; Peeter Lyttle ther; Mary Ferguson; Nicoll Lyttle; Rosina Johnston; Janet Ferguson ther; Anna Cowand and Bessie Cowand; Helen Ellat, William Bell ther; Janet Cowand; Robert Cowand, servant; Agnes Jackson, William Cowand ther; Rosina Johnston; John Cowand, son; Janet Corrie, old; Bessie Rae, old.

BELCATHILL. Gavin Ellat; Janet Helliday.

MILNETOWNE. Jeane Johnston, Thomas Graham, Andrew Johnston, servants; Janet Little, Heugh Betie.

GOOSEGREEN. John Jarden; David Jarden, his son; Bessie Jarden, John Linton, Margaret Rogerson, servants; David Jarden, Bessie Corrie, Alexander Jarden, Margaret Moffat, John Little, servants.

NEWBIGGING. John Gillespie; Grizell Armestrang; Robert Johnston and Janet Irving; William Bell and Mary Johnston, servants; Agnis Faris, his mother; David Gillespie, William Gillespie, Elisabeth Gillespie, her children; Adam Atchison, Catharin Meldrum, servants.

RAVENCLEUGHS. Alexander Hendrie, Mary Carruthers, GavinSteell, Issobell Gillespie and John Boyes, servants; Martin Graham ther and Margaret Ewart, his wyf and ? Graham, his daughter; George Bettie ther, Margaret Graham.

BLUNDERBUSH. William Moffat, old; James Graham ther; Margaret Dinwoody, his wyfe; Simeon Helliday and James Moffat, servants, and Janet Johnston; Janet Moffat; Thomas Graham ther; Issobell Graham, his wyfe; Janet Smith, servant; John Johnston ther; Margaret Jarden, his wyfe; Janet Moffat, old.

THE HOOKE. Mr James Scot; George Culbertosn and Janet Nicollson, servants; John Horner ther; Bessie Cowand, his wyfe; William Chalmbers and Issobell Graham, servants; Bessie Cowand, old, his mother; Humphray Moffat ther; Blench Johnston, his wyfe; James Ellat, servant; Adam Nicoll ther; Marion Moffat, his wyfe; Thomas Jackson ther; Bessie Little, his wyfe; Nicolas
Johnston, servant; Jean Graham and Agnes Faris, cottars.

HALLHILLS. William Andersone; Alexander ferguson, servant; John Anderson, his son; Issobell Anderson, Agnes Little, servants; Robert Graham ther; Jean Jarden, his wyfe; John Graham, his son; Peter Graham, his son; Agnes Graham,
his daughter.

NETHER HALLHILLS. Andrew Jarden; Agnes Jarden, servant; John Little, servant; John Jarden ther; Jane Smith, his wyfe; Alexander Jarden, his son; Issobell Jarden ther; Jean Glencros, her daughter; John Glencros, servant; Janet Moffat, cottar.

KIRKCROFT. John Anderson and Jean Johnston, his wyfe; Alexander Anderson ther; Jean Mitchell, his wyfe, sick; Margaret Johnston, his mother, old.

ROCKELLFLET. Gavin Henrison; Janet Armestrang, his wyfe; John and George and Margaret Henrisons, children; Agnes Henrison, servant; James Graham ther; Margaret Graham, servant; John jarden ther; Jeane Moffat, his wyfe; Thomas Deanes, Helen Rogerson, cottars; James Johnston ther; Jean Johnston, his wyfe; John Johnston, his son; William Graham; Sara Johnston, his wyfe.

GILLENBIERIDGE. John Helliday; Christopher, Thomas and Peeter Helliday, his sones; Janet graham, daughter-in-law; Janet Graham, servant; Christopher helliday ther; John Helliday, his son, sicke; ? Helliday, his daughter; Adam Paterson and David Smith, servants; Ninian Helliday ther; Agnes Tagert, his wyfe; Janet helliday, his daughter; Bessie Helliday.

BAGRAY. James Scot; Margaret Thomson, his wyfe; Blench Johnston, servant; Heugh Scot ther; Janet Graham, his wyfe; Janet Atchison, servant; Frances Bell ther; Issobell Sandert; James Bell, his son; John Bell ther; Janet Bell, his wyfe; Bessie Ker, servant; James Bell ther; Issobell Johnston; John Bell, his son; John Lintonther; Janet Corrie, his wyfe; William Chambers ther; Bessie Johnston, his wyfe; John Chambers, his son; John Johnston ther; Janet Faris, his wyfe; George Johnston, his son; John Johnston ther; Janet Bell, his wyfe.

NETHER CLEUGHHEADS. Archibald Johnston; Jeane Johnston, his wyfe; Johnston, his daughter; John Johnston and Janet Johnston and Lockerbie, servants; John Little ther; Janet Gillespie, his wyfe; James Sandert ther; Janet graham, his wyfe; Janet Robertson, servant.


THE PLACE. William carruthers; Sara Maxnell, his spouse; John and James Carruthers, his sones; Helen Carruthers, his daughter; John Scot, Robert Cowand, William Johnston, John Craike, John Portious, Jean Smith, Janet bell, Jeane Bell, servants; John Scott, herd, and Janet johnston, his wyfe; Bessie Taylyor, cottar; Janet Craike, daughter.

DAMCATHER. Jon Murdoch; Janet Wauch, his wyfe; James Wauch ther; Bessie Cowand, his wyfe; Adam Portious ther; Jeane Russell ther; Thomas Kirkpatrick, her son; Mary Kirkpatrick; Margaret Hunter ther; Jeane Walls, her daughter; John Walls ther; Janet Kirkpatrick, his wyfe; Bessie Walls, servant; John Bryding; Helen Anderson, his wyfe; Andrew fergusson ther; Margaret Bryding, his wyfe.

BRUMBLEBANK. Hercules Johnston; John Carruthers; Agnes Johnston, his wyfe; James Fergussone ther; Bessie Burgesse, his wyfe; Margaret Cowand; James Craike, servant; ? Johnston ther.

SHAWSYD. Adam Blaicklock; Andrew Blaicklock, his son; Agnes Dobie, his wyfe; Barbra Johnston, servant; James Blaicklock ther; Janet Graham, his wyfe; Barbra M'Clelland, servant.

TOWNEFOOT. John Burgesse; Agnes Dinwoody, his wyfe; Robert, John, Jeane and Agnes Burgesse, children.

BOGUE. Robert Dinwoody; Grizell Ried, his wyfe; John, James, Issobell and Grizell Dinwoody, children; James Johnston and James Bettie and Janet Smith, servants.

AUCHENRODDEN. James Graham; Barbra M'Clelland, his wyfe; John and william Graham, sons; Bessie and Janet Grama, daughters; Elisabeth Graham, servant.

BURNE. James Bryding; Janet Portious, his wyfe; James Bryden, his son; Agnes and Helen Dinwoody ther.

KNOW. Jean Johnston; John and William Dinwoody, sons; Agnes Graham and Margaret Adamson, cottars.

ORTCHYEARDSYD. John Dinwoody; Jean Jarden, his wyfe.

THE GREEN. John Wilson; Jean Jarden, his wyfe; Janet Burgesse, servant; John Smith ther; Margaret Rogerson, his wyfe; Agnes Smith, daughter; Adam Portious ther; Giles Dinwoody, his wyfe; Thomas Anderson ther; Janet Smith, his wyfe; John Martin, servant.

MYRE. Francis Smith; Agnes Helliday, his wyfe; Janet bell and John Smith, cottars.

BRAESYD. John Lockerbie; Bessie Smith, his wyfe; John Telfer ther; Agnes Richie, his wyfe; James Jarden ther; Agnes Jarden, daughter; John Kirkpatrick ther; Bessie M'Broome, his wyfe; William Smith ther; Bessie Linton, his wyfe.

SNAB. William Bryding; Bessie Ewart, his wyfe; David Smith ther; Margaret Harknes, his wyfe.

HINGINGSHAW. Andrew fergusson; Margaret Burgesse, his wyfe; John, William and Janet, children; William Thomson and Bessie Smith, servants.

MOSSESYD. James Burgesse; Jean Dinwoody, his wyfe; Jean Johnston, servant; Robert Burgesse, his son.

THE MILNE. Gavin Graham; Janet Dinwoody, his wyfe; Janet Rogerson, servant. (Signed) M.T. Thomsone."

'Ane true list of disorderly persons in the parochin of Applegirth.'

 'William Jarden, son to John Jarden in Barnes, withdrew untill about Midsummer last. As also William Munnell, servant to John Chambers in Milnehill, guilty of the same crime; John Kennedy in Applegirth towne, thorrow lasines; John Scot, herd in Dinwoody, Stephan Boyes in Milnhill, Agnes Browne, servant to Lockerbie; as also ..... Kirkpatrick, daughter to William Kirkpatrick in Thornick. (Signed) M.T.Thompson (On the back) Roll of Aplegirth Paroch; deponed and signed.'


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