The Adventures of Little Miss Chievous
and Her Big Brother Evan
Enjoying the woderfully warm hot pools at Papallacta
Jeff Waugh
Papallacta Hot Springs
Papallacta Hot Springs

Papallacta was really fun!

Big Brother: It was a long drive to Papallacta. After we were driving about half an hour, my sister fell asleep on my shoulder. My shoulder got sore after awhile so I pulled it away but she just put her head right back down on me. Oh, well... Little Miss sleeping
Candis Waugh
Brother and Sister!
Little Miss: When we walked into the lobby at Papallacta I liked it. It was neat. They had a fireplace and a little sitting area by the fireplace. Next to the lobby there was a steam room with a hot pool!  Warming up by the fireplace at Papallacta
Jeff Waugh
Warming-up by the fire
Little Miss: We went to our room and I saw a bunk bed and one double bed. There was a nice porch with hand made wooden chairs. There were hot pools right in front of us. These pools are just for the hotel guests.

Big Brother: I like the hot pools. One night we went in after dinner and played some games. Daddy and Mommy were the hippos and we were the crocodiles! It was fun.

There was a hot pool right in front of our room!
Jeff Waugh
Enjoying the porch
Little Miss: There are also lots of other pools on the other side of the stream just a short walk away.  On the way to more hot pools
Jeff Waugh
Another good day
Little Miss: The morning we left we saw Antisana Volcano peeking out through the clouds. It is covered with glaciers. Imagine that - we were on the equator and there are glaciers! People usually don't get to see many of the volcanoes because of the clouds. We were lucky!  Antisana Volcano and the glaciers from Papallacta
Jeff Waugh
Antisana Volcano
Big Brother: My little sister and I climbed up a hill to the paramo and took a picture. In the paramo the grass is really high and it is a great place to hide in but really hard to walk through.

Little Miss: The grass is very itchy!

In the paramo of the Cayambe-Coca Reserve
Jeff Waugh
Cayambe-Coca Reserve
School Notes...

Papallacta Hot Springs is a beautiful resort located 40 miles (65 km) east of Quito at an elevation of 10,800 feet (3,220 m) on what was the old "Cinnamon Trail". This is the same route that Francisco de Orellana took in 1542 when he crossed the Andes in search of gold and discovered the Amazon River.

Upon arrival to Papallacta you will begin to feel the beneficial effects of the life giving air which originates in a singular meeting of the Amazonian winds with the rocks, forest and water of the amazing Andes. Live a unique experience traveling across the forest, rivers and cascades of the Canyon Ranch, one of the main entrances to the Cayambe-Coca Ecological Reserve and the habitat of condors, pumas, hummingbirds and spectacled bears.


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