The Waugh Family
An historical and photographic perspective

The Barren Lands Expedition, August 26-September 2, 2005

The Barren Lands is one of the largest wilderness expanses in the world

Our base camp on Gus's Esker, Whitefish Lake

The cook shack and library

Enjoying lunch in the cook shack.
Left to right: Evan, Kiva, Candis, Cecil, Greg, Jim and Donna.

Evan and Kiva playing cards (poker?)

Evan enjoying a  refreshing dip in the ice cold lake in front of our tent

Wolf-dog Jake and Kiva at camp. "I miss my puppies!"

Our base camp

Our tent (left) on the shore of the lake

Back to Yellowknife and Lutsel K'e

Exploring Gus' Esker

The Barren Lands Expedition
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