The Waugh Family
An historical and photographic perspective
Glenda & Jeff Waugh in Bishopton, Scotland, Sept 27, 2010
Glenda & Jeff Waugh in Bishopton, Scotland, Sept 27, 2010
Our great grandfather (William Robert Hunter) was Stationmaster here
Our grandmother was born in the Bishopton train station in 1884


This website is the collective works of the brother and sister team of Glenda and Jeff Waugh that reflects years of research into both the genealogy and history of our family.

"I had heard stories about our family history when I was growing up, but I hadn’t been interested enough to listen carefully or to ask the right questions. I knew a little about my grandparents, but it was after my Aunt Chrissie - the last of her generation - died in 1991 that I realized I needed to write down what I knew for my daughters so it wouldn’t be lost.

I had no idea when I started researching my family history that genealogy would become a life-long obsession. I also had no idea how awe-inspiring, humbling, and satisfying it would be to stand on the ground where my ancestor had walked. Most importantly, I know that my daughters now know where they came from." - Glenda Waugh, Albany, California, Feb 9, 2013

"I first became interested in genealogy in the early 1990s after my sister provided me with a booklet of information that she had compiled. My son, Evan, was born in 1992 and we decided to do a family history road trip / tour to Montana the following year. On that trip, I was fortunate to meet Goldie Rae in Billings (my sister had previously contacted her regarding genealogy) and she had an amazing collection of family photos that dated back to the 1880s. Not only was I able to copy many of those photos (using a 35mm film camera) but she also suggested that we contact Bill Rae in Butte. It turned out that Bill was one of my Dad's cousins that he never met. Bill had some wonderful stories about his grandmother (my great-great grandmother Betsy McCall Orr) that I recorded with my Hi-8 video camera (yet to be posted to this website). Once back home, I perused our old family albums and boxes of individual photos and started the arduous task of putting together volumes of photos and identifying who was who. I had previously gone through some of these old albums with my aunt (Christina Orr Waugh) who identified many of the people and places. A few years later I became the Internet Specialist, Western Canada for Parks Canada developing websites for the national parks and national historic parks and sites. With this new skill, I decided to develop an online family history "album" from the old photos and incorporate a few of the old family stories with a bit of genealogy. Little did I know at that time that this would become an "endless task" that would become an obsession. Since that time, the website has grown from scant information on four families to volumes of information on over twenty families. The website represents a mosaic of genealogical and historical information that is much like a puzzle at times. My sister and I have worked together to try and piece it all together. Much of the work to uncover information is like detective work and involves countless hours of research and investigation. As in detective work, there are some "cold cases" that we keep coming back to when time allows. We have made every effort to comply with the Standards to Sound Genealogical Research recommended by the National Geneaological Society USA, but understand that some of our conclusions may be based on "circumstantial evidence". We welcome any and all input from other genealogists and family historians and thank those who have provided valuable contributions to date. We are currently awaiting the results of DNA tests to determine our deep ancestry and to hopefully fill in some of the gaps." - Jeff Waugh, Banff, Canada, Feb 9, 2013

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